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3D printing technology will change the industry

Aggressive 3D printing technologies, United Kingdom Government always remain sober-minded, they want to ensure that United Kingdom economic benefit, there must be a comprehensive plan, while the introduction of appropriate policies to reduce risk of 3D printing technology in the application process. From housewares to transplant organs, 3D printing technology can bring to our lives possible. Government departments must be fully aware that the technology opportunities contained, to take all measures to ensure that the United Kingdom contribute to economic growth.
    United Kingdom major innovation Center's latest survey, 3D printing-digital file into a three dimensional object-not only changes the United Kingdom industry status, and over the next ten years to United Kingdom more than half of total industrial output value. 3D printing can give United Kingdom brings a number of benefits, including increased United Kingdom manufacturing jobs, reduce the environmental impact of consumer products, as well as to provide consumers with more choice, and so on.
    at the same time, it can also bring challenges to traditional production methods, many three dimensional items to achieve production. In addition, the manufacturing industry is also very vulnerable to textiles and clothing, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastics, mechanical effects and furniture industry.
    with the development of technology and progress, and Government policy guidance is particularly important. United Kingdom major innovation Center specially mentioned in the report of the Government's preparations for the arrival of 3D printing technologies, including the establishment of a more flexible system of intellectual property rights, investors and designers to provide more incentives and the introduction of appropriate legislation to prevent 3D printers are used in the production of guns and other illegal items.
    andelu·xisongsi one of the authors of the report said: "3D printing will give United Kingdom laws and policies pose great challenges. Governments must start planning a policy framework for 3D printing, in order to lay the Foundation for innovation and large-scale use of this technology. "
    xisongsi said:" the Government should take a more flexible approach to address the issue of intellectual property rights, so that the enterprise can achieve organic growth in the digital age. 3D printing will break the boundaries between the Internet and the real world, and the law is unable to distinguish the difference between the two. If the Government wants in the era of 3D printed on guns and other illegal items, effective management, we must adopt new methods and approaches. "
    sibinsai·tangpusen also participated in the work of writing you see contains the huge business interests behind the 3D printing technology. He said: "3D printing will give full play to United Kingdom design, retail, and the advantages of digital industry, consolidate the United Kingdom's leading position in the world. Meanwhile, the technology will change the traditional way of manufacturing. ”

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