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Books and print on demand on "Warring States hegemony"

&Nbsp;  on October 31, Beijing Jinghua Tiger color printing company limited Announces foray into the book printing on demand in a high profile areas: spent more than 50 million Yuan to buy two HP high-speed inkjet Web press went into operation with the writers Publishing House, Beijing publishing group limited liability company, human resources and social security, China Publishing Group, law Publishing House, Peking University Health Science Publishing House, China's quality watchdog press 6 unit sign strategic cooperation letter of intent on publishing and printing on demand, Claim to become the leader of on-demand printing the whole value chain service provider.
    so far, China's three major printing industry with a company through high-speed inkjet printing of Rotary, which is regarded as the most promising approach to on-demand printing, book printing on demand has begun to enter the "hegemony of the warring States" era.
    Tiger color compared to the transition to a print on demand in the capital Saengthom, Hualian, yaqiang, color, Xinhua Beijing book printing companies, Tiger color visibility in the capital apparently slightly superior. Guangdong Tigers Tiger color by color in the capital group and Beijing longda set up printing and packaging group in 2007, the two investors are in packaging printing industry. Beijing Tiger color cover paper, packaging, printing, book three, output in the books after you top ten enterprises in Beijing.
    However, it is a "non-mainstream" publication printing, but to first in Beijing "crabs", spending huge sums to buy high-speed inkjet Web press equipment, strategic cooperation with 6 publishers, pouring money into the print on demand business behind the transformation development strategies how to think?
   , President of Tiger color group explained the calm to Kodak's case: "success with Kodak film, digital cameras Kodak invented. But why Kodak back? Today does not mean that you have the advantage will still be there tomorrow. Many of today's competition are business model competition, service is more important than the product. Tiger saw printed next may, films were replaced by digital camera, printing will also gradually be replaced by digital printing. Tomorrow we have to see today, for tomorrow, one step ahead than their peers. "
    high-speed inkjet brings revolutionary changes" in the eyes of many people in publishing, digital printing is in the express printing stores, do simple short version with small digital press work and personalized service. But high-speed inkjet rotary printing press changed the situation, not only in terms of print speed and print quality compared with traditional offset printing, but also realize the mass production of books and print on demand. "Ren Yucheng, Director of the Beijing Association in an interview with the China press and publishing Journal reporter said.
    high-speed inkjet Web press at what speed can be achieved? Beijing Tiger color purchased two HP inkjet Web press, monochrome T350 printing speed up to 244 metres per minute, 8 color T300 reach 122 meters per minute. Hewlett-Packard's stakeholders by converting told reporters, now widely used in the industry of HP Indigo digital presses, printed 300 pages per hour for dozens of the hundreds of books and HP high-speed inkjet rotary printing press, the same amount of printed books per hour up to 1000 to 3000.
    by means of two devices, Core Pacific Tiger color can not only break the traditional offset printing 3,000 copies printed quantity restrictions, so that the "on-demand publishing, a book has been printed" becomes possible, can also implement small-batch, batch printing, inventory reduction to zero of the publishing house, while supporting variable information printing, realization of content customization and exclusive.
    industry with Indian enterprises have layout although high-speed inkjet Web press in 2008, since the drupa printing exhibition has been considered as the most promising way of printing, but its true for China's on-demand printing and publishing sector, but less than two years.
    of the printing industry is most developed Pearl River Delta leads the first, in early 2011, located in dalang, Dongguan, Guangdong series printing plant first introduced Asia's first high speed HP inkjet Web press, mainly for the export business of books printed in business.
    the Yangtze River Delta in the printing business is not a sign of weakness, in November 2011, the publishing industry first dual baiyiji Jiangsu Phoenix publishing and Media Group introduced Asia's first digital ink-jet printing on demand full line equipment went into operation its equipment including Kodak inkjet rotary printing unit.
    located in the core area of printing and publishing the Bohai area after entering the late on to October 2012, Tiger color in one fell swoop in the capital to buy two HP high-speed inkjet rotary printing press. According to Ren Yucheng introduced daheng digital printing (Beijing) will hold a press conference in early December, announced through its purchase of Kodak high speed inkjet Web press for publishing to print on demand services.
    reduce costs or future key issues "print on demand in China has just begun, is getting ready for a take off stage, but in future years will see greater development. "HP Xu man Manager said.
    data, currently published on demand market size is small, only about 10% of the book publishing industry as a whole. But analysts believe that suitable for digital printing of small quantities of market will grow to about 10% the next 10 years, and more than all the printing requirements of the 60%.
    on-demand printing technology is relatively mature, wide application, but the cost is still likely to be a major bottleneck in its widely. Analysis of Ren Yucheng, high-speed inkjet Web press to use the domestic production of paper now no problems, but equipment used in printing inks is to provide special ink, cleaning nozzles are very expensive. How to reduce production costs, reduce printing, integrated service delivery, gain support from the press, are high-speed inkjet printing device manufacturers and enterprises need to consider the issue. For publishers, choose traditional offset printing or digital printing, also should change the traditional concept of printing costs, inventory, logistics, and other areas to measure efficiency.

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