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Delta: lead the development way of packaging and printing machinery

Is expected to "Twelve-Five" at the end, China package printing industry output will reach 360 billion yuan, with the advanced technology of international standards, packaging and printing machinery is moving towards large-scale, high-end, high precision and high efficiency, energy saving trend. In response to this trend, automation technology, especially mature, close to the international level of automation technology and product demand are rapid growth, for example, flexible production, manufacturing execution systems, motion control technology, especially electronic cam (E-CAM) become essential functions for packaging and printing industry controller. Global leader in industrial automation--Delta, deep technology in packaging and printing industry for many years, attention to market developments and technical needs of the industry for a long time, continuously developed for industrial application of high-performance automation products and industry-specific controller and high performance system solutions, continuously promote the upgrading of packaging and printing industry equipment, customer trust and support in the industry. According to introduced, Taiwan up for packaging printing industry, can provides support Ethernet network communications of DOP-B Gao Caikuan screen series people machine, and ASDA-A2 high analytical communications type servo controller, and DVP-10MC bus movement controller, and DVP-10PM compact type movement controller, and DMC-NET high-speed total line movement control card, and DMV high performance Visual system, and DTE more road temperature control device, and AH500 medium PLC, and three machine one of ADSA-M Series servo controller, more type products. While, through integration high performance products, launched has series mature of industry solution programme, like, corrugated die cut printing system solution programme, and based on movement control card of PCB printing control system, and through A2 electronic cam achieved of round network printing machine system, and color press system, and based on 10MC and A2 servo of vertical and pillow type packaging machine control system, and more axis die cut machine control programme, and six axis intaglio printing system, and vertical packaging four servo system, and 10MC bus solution programme, are very with competitiveness, Well received by customers. Delta technical expert, Yan Liangyi said: "Delta will not only provide equipment solutions for the customer, and will gradually provide managed whole packaging printing lines, the entire production, as well as the entire factory, contains all resources: human, machine, material management, MES systems, so that the entire production process, equipment, manpower control easier. Will also be integrated in the system in the future add industry-specific robot and machine vision systems, enhanced system flexibility and intelligence. "Promoting the domestic printing industry-automation level, and constantly improve our system of automation, Delta is achieved in the field of automation in the packaging and printing industry, but also the packaging and printing machinery and equipment upgrade path. In the "Twelve-Five" packaging and printing machinery industry development opportunities, Delta Road will lead the industry forward!

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