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Factors influencing quality of packaging print film

On offset printing in packaging, product finishing is required. In many of printed surface treatment after the process in which a film processing. However, may encounter in the course of processing a lot of quality problems, many of which are related to the quality of offset printing and packaging. We say, film effects, not just to do with coating materials and coating technology-related, and there are a lot of reasons related to printing. In order to ensure the quality of laminating, we must be on the analysis of the factors related to the quality and to find out the causes, addressing quality issues. Impact of the package of offset printing on coated paper talking about my own views. Factors related to the printing and packaging: printed ink film thickness, graphics and text size, printing inks, printing paper, printing process, and so on. The combination of these factors affecting the mechanical force, physical and chemical adhesion. Changes the packaging print surface-coated adhesive properties, quality problems.
1, packaging printing ink layer thickness and covers a large area of packaging print graphics and text, and plenty of on-site printing, ink is relatively thick. Solid ink layer is often difficult and plastic film adhesion, but bond shortly after delamination, blister. This is because solid ink layer change the surface properties of porous paper, paper fiber pores closed, hindered the penetration and extension of adhesive on the paper. The fastness of coating subjected to great effect. Ink layer thickness and size changes lead to changes in surface tension, which led to changes in bond stretch. So we in the packaging printing, to strictly control printing ink. Control the field density. Package offset printing ink layer than other printing ink layer thickness the minimum, good for the film, general control in 2-3?m.
2, package printing inks package printing of coated products, fast curing light offset printing ink should be used. Because fast-curing light offset inks, its connection is made of synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil, high-boiling components, such as kerosene. These molecules in synthetic resin group and adhesive molecules in the group will expand penetration, crosslinked, forming physical-chemical bonding and coating. In the packaging ink applications kerosene cannot put too much, otherwise the ink will dry too quickly, which surface crystallization, but affect the coating effect. When printing light, need to be watered down. Applications to be used when dilution of quality. White oil emulsifying agent is not used, poor white ink has obvious silt particles and Binder combination of weak Binder will penetrate into the paper after printing, and pigment floating on the paper to glue the obstruction. Willy oil is aluminium hydroxide and dry vegetable oil Binder dispersed ya crafted paste transparency. Although there is a relatively good printability, but light aluminium hydroxide, will float the ink after printing surface, resulting in bonding or not foaming. Willy oil it dries slowly, inhibition of the ink drying on film negative. So Willie oil should be used with caution. Quick drying light oil can make print shiny and dry well and good printing properties. We said that the best way to use quick drying light oil as a diluting agent. 3, printing powder jiafang to accommodate multiple-machine high speed printing, prevents sticking on the back of the paper in the printing, packaging, offset printing powder coating process are often used to solve. The spraying of powder, consisting of suspended material are cereal starch and natural. These particles coarse, if too much powder in the printing process, these particles will float on the printed surface, laminating adhesives when not every place is combined with the holdout, serious affecting the coating quality. Offset printing in packaging, strictly control the amount of spray powder. On the premise of not sticking, use the least amount of powder injection. 4, print surface, layer dry printing ink layer or the layer on the surface of dry poor coating quality is very harmful, can cause blistering, delamination and other quality problems. The ink drying on the surface there are many factors affecting print, ink type, amount of desiccants, paper structure, environment temperature and humidity and so forth. So when we print special attention to drying of the ink layer. Strict control when printing-ink balance, pay attention to the situation of ink emulsification, good control of acid value of the fountain. Simultaneous control of temperature and humidity in the workshop. Packaging print surface and truly dry, makes film quality is guaranteed. Anyway in order to guarantee the quality of packaging print of the film, we should not only consider laminating process, should also be considered from day printing, or procedure before quality will affect the quality of back-end processes, this concept to keep in mind. To establish a procedure for subsequent processes before service.

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