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Talking about color and its texture contrasts

Color and material properties of the object, the image is very closely related to surface texture, color feel impact is its surface-tactile textures and visual experience. (1) the contrasting color on both sides, such as the use of materials of different textures, contrast is more fun. (2) the same color or same hue, can be operated by a heterogeneous texture material change to compensate for the monotony. If the same red roses printed on thin, Lonza Windows and thick fabric on the sofa, which consists of decorative effects, both series, and material changes color. (3) drawing and color performance, apply a variety of color materials and painted with a different texture effects can be produced, such as watercolor, gouache, oil painting, acrylic and other colored paints and crayons, McDonald's, pen, brush and other brushes. (4) the same pigment used a different technique to create many wonderful texture effects, in order to enhance the color of interest and sentiment of beauty. Such as extension, chapped, chemical, anti, remove, sub, coating, Isaac, coating, dyeing, hooks, spray, cable ties, shed, brush, enclosed, such as color manipulation.

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